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Mabroom Dates Grade B | Saudi Dates

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The Mabroom date is a delicious fruit have slender, firmer and longer bodies as compared to other dates. Mabroom dates are dark brown in colour. Its outer membrane has flexible wrinkles on it. These wrinkles give these dates a beautiful look.  Mabroom dates have fibrous brown flesh. Mabroom dates are softer and drier in texture.

These dates have a comparatively less sugary taste. But it doesn’t mean that these are less in nutrient value. Mabroom dates are full of energy and other nutrients.

Mabroom dates are rich in vitamins, fibre and minerals. The Mabroom dates give you an energy boost and you remain alert throughout the day. It is your go-to-snack. These are rich in iron contents. 

Mabroom date is been cultivated in many places in Saudi Arabia, especially Al-Ola area in Medina Saudi Arabia

Conventionally grown Mabroom Dates